The small-scale lightweight concrete mobile mixer is projected to operate in the closed construction lane on the east side of Beach Park Boulevard. Lightweight cellular structural fill concrete will be mixed on site with a mobile truck and pumped with foam (air) to be used as structural backfill as part of the levee backfill along Beach Park Boulevard. It will be used in lieu of ‘dirt’ fill.

There has been discussion with the design engineer and the contractor about the mix design and that is why the lightweight structural concrete operation has not been finalized.

While the term “concrete batch plant” was mentioned in earlier project messaging, there is no stationary concrete batch plant on Beach Park Boulevard or south of Shorebird Park in the traditional sense of a concrete batch plant. If you do an internet search for “batch plant,” it brings up large stationary vessels of commercial concrete companies mixing cement, water and aggregate. These types of batch plants are much larger and typically fill concrete trucks that provide concrete for sidewalks, foundations, walls and what you may be more used to seeing as “concrete.”

The reinforced concrete caps on top of the sheet pile wall are formed with steel reinforcement, and concrete is pumped and placed from concrete trucks that have been filled with concrete from a traditional concrete batch plant from wherever the source of concrete is being mixed. The concrete used for the concrete caps of sheet piles and delivered by concrete trucks is not being mixed on Beach Park Boulevard.