To mitigate the removal of the streetlights, the City is directing the project contractor to install temporary lights at the intersections of Swordfish Street, Tarpon Street, Marlin Avenue, Gull Avenue, Sanderling Street, and Egret Street. The temporary lights will be installed prior to the removal of the existing lights. In addition, reflectors will be mounted on the K-rail along the east lane of the roadway.

The Foster City Police Department will be increasing its presence on Beach Park Boulevard, as it has been doing with the lane reconfiguration, to further enhance public safety. Motorists and others on Beach Park Boulevard are also urged to exercise additional caution when driving on this part of Beach Park Boulevard. 

We recognize that this is an inconvenience and disruption to the people who live on Beach Park Boulevard. The City appreciates the community’s patience and understanding through this and other disruptions to your daily lives, as your levee is improved and upgraded. We are well on the way to having an improved levee which will better protect Foster City homes, schools, businesses, and essential City services and infrastructure during storms, high tides, and future sea-level rise – and an enhanced Levee Trail which everyone in the community can enjoy.