January 2024 is the final Project completion date and all activities will be completed by then.

Due to Contract Change Order No. Thirty-one (CCO #31) to Shimmick Construction Co. Inc., approved by City Council on March 6, 2023, the contractor is working toward the following milestones:

  • Target Date for Phase 1 Milestone (Southern end to Shorebird Park): open to public access
  • Target Date for Phase 2 Milestone (Shorebird Park to San Mateo Bridge): End of May 2023
  • Target Date for Phase 3 Milestone (North of San Mateo Bridge): End of July 2023

As the project continues to move closer to completion, the anticipated project construction schedule will be updated more frequently to reflect a more accurate estimated timeline for the levee trail reopening. The project team anticipated shifts to the construction schedule depending on various factors such as weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

[Updated 4/3/2023]