The final height of the levee wall varies. From Baywinds Park to the Beach Park Boulevard/Foster City Boulevard intersection, the final height of the wall, including wall cap, is 3.5 feet above the walking surface. For most of the remaining levee structure, the final height of the wall is 2.5-to-3.5 feet or less above the walking surface. There is a short section of the levee wall north of the San Mateo bridge where the concrete wall is nearly four feet, as the trail slopes down to existing grade. Just north of the San Mateo Bridge there is a wall which is 6.5’ high on the inboard side of the trail where we could not raise the levee trail underneath the bridge and maintain required clearances. By placing it on the inboard side, we preserve the bay views and avoid the “tunnel” effect that would result if it was placed on the outboard (bay) side. Some portions of the finished levee do not require a wall.