The Levee Improvements Project is a big undertaking with a big purpose: protecting Foster City’s people and property from storms and high tides, for years to come.

While this is a massive, complex project, we’re committed to clearly communicating the top areas of interest for our community:

  • Why: The Levee Improvements Project will protect Foster City and avoid being designated a flood zone (which would require expensive flood insurance for most homeowners).
  • How: To fund the necessary levee improvements, Foster City voters passed Measure P with nearly 81% support.
  • What: The improved levee will better protect our city during storms and high tides and from future sea level rise. The project also includes redevelopment and widening of the Levee/Bay Trail, which will provide the community with an enhanced, more inviting recreation destination. All of the shoreline access points to public land will be restored.
Levee Project Wall Type Examples Map
Near San Mateo Border I Wall Type: Earthen Levee (no wall)
San Mateo Bridge Undercrossing I Wall Type: Concrete Flood Wall
Bridgeview Park I Wall Type: Hybrid Sheet Pile
Bay Trail Adjacent to Beach Park Blvd I Wall Type: Hybrid Sheet Pile
Shorebird Park I Wall Type: Earthen Levee (no wall)
Foster City Blvd & Beach Park Blvd I Wall Type: Hybrid Sheet Pile
Port Royal Park I Wall Type: Concrete Flood Wall
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  • When: The overall project timeline is from October 2020 through 2023. Temporary closures of sections of the trail, including an estimated 19-month timeframe when the entire trail will be closed, are required for public safety and to reduce the overall construction period. Below is a graphic showing the anticipated schedule.
Anticipated Project Construction Schedule from October 2020 to January 2024. Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, weather, or other factors.

Once the project is completed, Foster City’s improved levee will protect homes, schools, businesses, and essential City services and infrastructure, for years to come. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as the work is completed!

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Safety Reminders from Foster City and the Levee Improvements Project

June 4th, 2021|

The City of Foster City is asking for the community to partner with us in keeping our City streets safe for all users by exercising caution and following safety protocols on Beach Park Boulevard. Please remember that the bike lanes should only be used by cyclists and the sidewalk is reserved for joggers, walkers, strollers and non-motorized scooters.