For immediate release: July 17, 2023

Contact: Levee Project Hotline at 1-800-213-6320,

The Foster City Levee Improvements Project is pleased to announce the achievement of the Phase 2 Interim Milestone, restoring public access of the trail up to the San Mateo Bridge. Foster City community members and trail users are now welcome to access this portion of the trail. The public may access the Phase 2 trail from open landside access points at Bridgeview Park, Marlin Street, Tarpon Street and Shorebird Park. There are also several bayside access points to provide entry to the shoreline and picnic areas.

“We are grateful to Foster City community members for their support as the Levee Improvements Project nears completion,” said Foster City Mayor Jon Froomin. “We are pleased that the Beach Park section (Phase 2) is now open, permitting public access from Port Royal to the San Mateo Bridge.”

While trail access has now been restored in both Phase 2 and Phase 1, the Levee Improvements Project is still undergoing construction. Given the nature of the ongoing construction, the City may be required to reclose portions of the open trail and make updates to sections of the trail as needed.

The contractor is required to open the whole trail for public use by October 2023, with minor correctional items of work to be completed within the phases. January 2024 is the final project completion date and all activities will be completed by then.

As construction continues on the other phases of the trail, the community is reminded that the closed, fenced trail and staging areas are not safe for the public, and trespassing into fenced areas is prohibited at all times. The City would also like to encourage residents to exercise caution and utilize safe practices while on the trail until construction activities are fully complete.

Construction activities on the Levee Improvements Project began in October 2020. With the Phase 2 milestone, public access has now been restored to 70% of the Bay Trail. Once the project is completed, Foster City’s improved levee will protect homes, schools, businesses, and essential City services and infrastructure, for years to come.

To learn more about the project and subsequent project milestones, visit the project website:, where community members can review detour maps, the construction timeline and levee renderings, read through Frequently Asked Questions, and even sign up for regular construction updates.

Any construction-related inquiries may be emailed to or reported to the project hotline at 1-800-213-6320 (calls will typically receive a response within 24 hours).