When will the trail open for Phases 1, 2 and 3?

October 2023 is the contractor’s required substantial completion of construction activities in all phases of the Project. The contractor is required to open the trail for public use by October 2023, with minor correctional items of work to be completed within the phases. January 2024 is the final Project completion date and all activities will

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How will the new levee prevent flooding?

The levee design elevation has accounted for wave run-up, and the access points are protected from wave run-up with a concrete floodwall on the bay side of the access point. Flood barriers are also located at the egress bridge. Elevations along the new trail (bottom of the openings) are generally at least four feet above

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Does the Baffin reopening change the current detour?

Starting on or around June 6, 2022, access to Belmont/Redwood Shores via the Baffin Bridge will be open. The current detour map is always available on the homepage of our project website. While the Baffin Bridge will be reopened, it is important to note that project construction activities are ongoing. To find the Anticipated Project

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Why was there a period of time where work was not conducted in the Baffin/Phase 1 area (Port Royal Drive to Shorebird Park)?

In the southern end of the project, the contractor’s permit restricts operations during bird nesting windows unless bird nesting surveys are completed and approved by the permitting agencies. Environmental surveys were conducted by a biologist to ensure Ridgway’s Rail and California Black Rail birds are protected during their nesting season. The surveys determine whether protected

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Why was the Baffin Bridge closed?

As part of the project design, two small bridges are being built at the crossings to and from Belmont and Redwood Shores. The Baffin Bridge was closed while the contractor constructed the bridge. During construction of the Baffin Bridge, the second bridge to the west remained open to allow access to/from Redwood Shores. Now, the

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What will the levee wall look like along Beach Park Boulevard, between the northern edge of Shorebird Park and the Swordfish Street intersection?

A portion of the retaining wall will be “set back” away from Beach Park Boulevard closer to the edge of the trail (as shown below in Graphic A). This will allow the height of the retaining wall to be reduced and more space between the wall and street to be created for landscaping. To soften

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When the sheet piles are installed between the San Mateo Bridge and Baywinds, and the tide is high, preventing a water user from walking back to Baywinds via the water/mud, but they can egress the water via a ramp; How will they describe their location? Need to remember that they may be first time Baywinds users, may not be familiar with the location of the ramps, and will not be able to see over the sheet piles.

The rescuee should identify their location using any available visible landmarks in their immediate proximity or distance from identifiable landmarks (i.e. "I’m located ½ mile from the San Francisco side of the San Mateo Bridge on the shore on the Baywinds park side of the bay"). In addition, the City is working with the contractor

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During a water rescue, it is assumed the location of the person to be rescued is asked by 911/Coast Guard. With reference to the San Mateo Bridge, would it be the clearest to say the San Francisco side or the San Jose side? If one is somewhat close to shore the location may be East, but if they are out past the high rise, the location may be North.

When giving their location in relation to the bridge it’s important that the rescuee identify their location as either San Francisco side or San Jose side of the San Mateo Bridge. In addition, the City is working with the contractor to have colored banners installed at boat ramps to further help rescuees identify their locations. Once the colored banners

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