A natural metal surface was selected for a number of reasons:

  • Over time, a painted metal surface will exhibit ‘weeping’ through the coating, leading to streaking and staining of the wall surface, and requiring frequent paint touch-ups to maintain a uniform appearance. New paint over existing sun-worn paint can look uneven and splotchy
  • A natural metal surface will age nicely and wear more uniformly than a coated surface, minimizing localized areas of corrosion, and maintaining consistency in the overall condition of the wall. This uniformity and consistency leads to superior longevity than a painted surface.
  • The natural metal surface will save money in initial construction costs, and in annual routine maintenance costs. Over its lifetime, a painted wall would need several expensive repaints, in addition to touch ups associated with graffiti removal.
  • Removal of graffiti paint from the natural metal surface will result in a more uniform look than paint touch ups, which would be unlikely to match the existing faded paint. To address cases of graffiti, removal techniques would be applied in lieu of paint touch ups, revealing the natural metal surface and allowing it, over time, to return to its patina.