Construction Activities and Impacts

What work was completed around the Belmont Slough?

The new Egress bridge (near Rock Harbor Lane) and Baffin bridge were constructed to provide a permanent connection between Foster City and Belmont/Redwood Shores and Foster City and San Mateo for pedestrians and cyclists. Construction of the bridges has restored tidal action in the Belmont Slough, a condition of the project’s BCDC permit.  The restoration

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Why do the sheet piles appear to be rusting?

What is being observed is referred to as exfoliation and is expected to occur. The exfoliation that the wall is experiencing is the result of “mill scale” on the sheet piles that is corroding and becoming disbonded from the piles. Mill scale is essentially an extra surface layer of material that is formed/embedded during the

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How were the environment and wildlife protected during construction?

The City received permits for this project from seven different agencies at the federal, state, and regional levels. These permits and associated regulations provided the requirements for protecting wildlife and the environment during the project. The regulations addressed species such as the Ridgeway rail, California black rail, and salt marsh harvest mouse; marine mammals and

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