Construction Activities and Impacts

Will the dirt bike area or “BMX Park” be accessible after the Levee Improvements Project is complete?

Once the project is complete, all of the shoreline access points to public land, including a number of trails, will be restored using a combination of stairs and ADA accessible ramps. Access points to private property in the area, which is sometimes cited as part of the “BMX Park,” however, will be available to property

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Will trail access to Redwood Shores, Belmont, and San Mateo be maintained during construction?

As part of the project design, two small bridges will be built at the crossings to and from Belmont and Redwood Shores. The City has ensured that during construction either the bridge/access point near Baffin Street OR the one near Rock Harbor Lane will remain open for public use.  During construction, the southernmost trail access

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Why can’t the trail remain open on parts of the levee where there is not active construction?

The 2017 Environmental Impact Report (EIR) assumed a five-phase construction plan in which no two contiguous (adjacent) segments of the Bay Trail would be closed at one time. Subsequent to certification of that EIR, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the regulatory agency with permitting jurisdiction over the Project, by issuance of

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How will the City be addressing any graffiti on the K-rails?

As part of the project, the contractor is required to maintain the K-rail and handle any required K-rail clean up. Foster City residents may always report tips on graffiti to our Anonymous Tip and Graffiti Hotline at (650) 286-3323. Find more information about the hotline at

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Is there access to parks that are along the bayfront, such as Port Royal Park, Sea Cloud Park or Bridgeview Park?

Currently the trails that are attached to the parks along the bay front are not open to the public. We encourage community members to explore other parts of Foster City and the surrounding areas. Right here in Foster City, we have great parks and tracks including, Vintage Park, Edgewater Park, Baywinds Park, Catamaran Park, and

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How will the project affect traffic in the construction area?

Construction traffic will be routed via designated haul routes. A traffic management plan will be in place for the duration of the project. Residents can expect an increase in truck traffic to and from the levee at various work locations, including temporary, lane closures on Beach Park Boulevard or East 3rd Avenue. Electronic signboards will

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How are the environment and wildlife being protected during construction?

The City has received permits for this project from seven different agencies at the federal, state, and regional levels. These permits and associated regulations provide the requirements for protecting wildlife and the environment during the project. The regulations address species such as the Ridgway’s rail, California black rail, and salt marsh harvest mouse; marine mammals

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How will neighbors in the project area be informed of construction near their properties?

The City and/or contractor will reach out to neighbors with information about what will be happening, for how long, and what impacts to expect. This outreach will typically be via email (including a weekly construction email update) and/or door-hangers. In some instances, direct mail or even personal contact (observing social distancing protocol) may be utilized.

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Will I be able to walk, ride my bike, and roller blade on the levee during construction?

During construction, the contractor will need to close portions of the Levee Trail for public safety and to maintain the most efficient construction schedule (which will also result in a shorter overall construction duration and reduced length of impact to the public). We know that this is a much-used recreational destination for our community and understand

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What are the expected construction impacts to the nearby neighborhoods?

While the City and its contractors will make every effort possible to minimize disturbances during this project, there will be some unavoidable impacts to neighborhoods near the construction. Among the impacts to be expected are an increase in noise, dust, vibration, and traffic delays in the areas near where levee work is taking place. The

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