Improved Levee & Trail

What is the height of the levee wall?

The final height of the levee wall varies. From Baywinds Park to the Beach Park Boulevard/Foster City Boulevard intersection, the final height of the wall, including wall cap, is 3.5 feet above the walking surface. For most of the remaining levee structure, the final height of the wall is 2.5-to-3.5 feet or less above the

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What is the finished width of the levee trail?

The finished Levee Trail consists of a 12-foot asphalt concrete path, plus a four-foot decomposed granite shoulder on the bay side, and a two-foot decomposed granite shoulder on the inboard (land) side (totaling 18-feet width) with a few exceptions.

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What type of erosion is anticipated along the levee trail?

The asphalt is expected to wear under normal conditions of use; Erosion of the material along the edges of the trail (the decomposed granite (DG)) is actively being monitored by the City. To extend the life of the DG surface, please remain within the designated bounds of the trail.  Use the designated access points to

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What is the striping plan for the levee trail?

The levee trail is split between the biking lane and the pedestrian use lane. The biking lane is in both directions, so all bikers should use the regular rules of the road, moving to the right of their respective lane to allow others to pass (without going into the pedestrian lane). Within the pedestrian lane,

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Where can pedestrians walk on newly constructed levee/bay trail?

Striping on the newly paved levee/bay trail is meant to serve as a guide for pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians are permitted to walk on the paved asphalt, marked with pedestrian symbols, as well as the decomposed granite paving walkway. While only the asphalt could be marked with symbols, the pedestrian walkway includes the entire width

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