Improved Levee & Trail

When will the trail open for Phases 1, 2 and 3?

October 2023 is the contractor’s required substantial completion of construction activities in all phases of the Project. The contractor is required to open the trail for public use by October 2023, with minor correctional items of work to be completed within the phases. January 2024 is the final Project completion date and all activities will

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How will the new levee prevent flooding?

The levee design elevation has accounted for wave run-up, and the access points are protected from wave run-up with a concrete floodwall on the bay side of the access point. Flood barriers are also located at the egress bridge. Elevations along the new trail (bottom of the openings) are generally at least four feet above

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What will the levee wall look like along Beach Park Boulevard, between the northern edge of Shorebird Park and the Swordfish Street intersection?

A portion of the retaining wall will be “set back” away from Beach Park Boulevard closer to the edge of the trail (as shown below in Graphic A). This will allow the height of the retaining wall to be reduced and more space between the wall and street to be created for landscaping. To soften

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What will be the width of the Levee Trail?

The finished Levee Trail will consist of a 12-foot asphalt concrete path, plus a four-foot decomposed granite shoulder on the bay side, and a two-foot decomposed granite shoulder on the inboard (land) side (totaling 18-feet width) with the following exceptions:   A section of 10-foot wide path connecting to City of San Mateo pathways (which

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What will be the height of the levee wall?

The final height of the levee wall will vary. From Baywinds Park to the Beach Park Boulevard/Foster City Boulevard intersection, the final height of the wall, including wall cap, will be 3.5 feet above the walking surface. That is the minimum height required for safety due to the drop-off that is created on the bay

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Why was a natural metal surface selected instead of a painted coating for the exposed sheet pile wall?

A natural metal surface was selected for a number of reasons: Over time, a painted metal surface will exhibit ‘weeping’ through the coating, leading to streaking and staining of the wall surface, and requiring frequent paint touch-ups to maintain a uniform appearance. New paint over existing sun-worn paint can look uneven and splotchy A natural metal surface will age nicely and wear more uniformly

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Where can I see detailed designs for the levee improvements?

Detailed plans are available on the project web page: Documents and Resources. If you have questions about specific design plans for the levee segment nearest to your property, you can contact Foster City Public Works staff at (650) 286-3270. Immediate construction concerns may be reported to the project hotline at (800) 213-6320.

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